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« We need a Business Aircraft! Rent a Business Aircraft! Look for a Private Aircraft!”



Which company to charter? When to rent a business aircraft? These are quite simple questions for someone used to fly with private aircrafts or knowing a Business Aviation Company such as PAN EUROPEENNE. However, if you have to choose and rent an aircraft for the first time, it is difficult to make a decision based on unbiased criteria.

PAN EUROPEENNE offers to lead and make you discover all Business Aviation options.
On finishing this reading, you will serenely be able to begin your own researches. Enjoy your journey !  

Business Aircraft: many advantages

Business Aircraft charter is the solution to gather all advantages in organizing a custom-made business trip: you can go quickly whenever and wherever you want. The schedule is yours. Whoever whish to make his own program easier, to have a mean of transport combining efficiency, comfort and confidentiality will find in Business Aviation the best solution. This is even the Business Aviation paradox.

How to find the right business aircraft?

Unless you already know someone that provides such a service, you will have to use your browser. There, plenty of solutions will appear. However, how to choose the best Business Aviation Company? The first in the list or the one who owns the aircraft you need? How to sort it out? Especially since there is a person you are speaking to. But what does this person can propose you?

To make distinction between a charter company and an agent

The Charter Company has an Air Operator Certificate which you must ask for. This is the permission delivered by Civil Aviation (highest authority in air transport) which authorizes the Charter Company to carry passengers. This certificate is essential because if it lacks, the Charter Company is purely not allowed to operate flights. In order to keep it, the Charter Company has to go through continuous follow-up. To guarantee passengers safety, France has some of the world most exemplary demands. If you charter a business aircraft with a French certificate, you will have real guarantees.

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