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Business aviation


PAN EUROPEENNE is a Business Aviation Company operating since 1977. As such, it is the second most experienced French Charter Company after DASSAULT Falcon Service.
PAN EUROPEENNE offers the solution to gather all advantages in organizing a custom-made business trip: you can go quickly whenever and wherever you want. The schedule is yours. Whoever wish to make his own program easier, to have a mean of transport combining efficiency, comfort and confidentiality will find in Business Aviation the best solution.


Business aircrafts


PAN EUROPEENNE is owner and maintains its 5 Business aircrafts directly into its own maintenance workshop which has a European agreement.
Its experience in this field has allowed PAN EUROPEENNE to reach and deliver the highest possible service and skill level in Europe.
For your comfort and for your passengers comfort PAN EUROPENNE proposes a brand new or recent aircraft, an aircraft in ownership, maintained by competent teams, flown by experienced crews, over 35 years of experience, an irreproachable historical record even as regards insurance): these are the advantages PAN EUROPEENNE will offer you.


700 destinations

The largest network is available departing from your airport. To go directly where and when you must go makes you earn a lot of money and productive working hours. It makes you doing business and coping with your responsibilities more serenely. 
From now on and once you’ll have consulted this web site, you will be ensured that you can trust PAN EUROPEENNE when renting a business aircraft! With its recent owned aircrafts, it is able to fulfil all your group requirements until 49 passengers
Company is at your disposal 365 days a year. On April the 1st, at 22.00 p.m., at 06.00 a.m., on Sunday morning, there is always someone you can contact.





+33(0)4 79 54 42 68


PAN EUROPEENNE is always up to ensure you the best business aviation solution.

  • 5 aircrafts from 7 to 49 persons to answer your immediate request
  • 30 persons working in order to deliver the personalized service you are looking after
  • 365 days and H24
  • 700 destinations all over Europe and North Africa directly from your favourite airport
  • Did you know you can afford renting a jet and leaving anytime you wish in the night from Milan, London, Paris Le Bgt or Barcelona airports.

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