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Aircraft that may arise on the largest number of airports


  • The PHENOM 100 E can operate on runways from  1450m. With a  network of more than 500 airports through Europe you have the possibility to gain a lot of time. The PHENOM 100 E allows you to operate everywhreland in the closest airport to your destination according to your own schedule. PHENOM 100 E symbolizes the efficiency.  

In France you have access to more than 80 airports. Spain 34. England 45. Germany 50. Italy 34. Every city in Europe with more than 20 000 inhabitants has its airport. PHENOM 100 E and allows you to ask.


  • The PHENOM 300 laying on tracks just as short. But it offers more geographical area even more important. Any airport which is in the east to the outskirts of the Urals in Russia. In the South, any airport that is located in an arc between Lyon and AGADES Niger.


  • The EMBRAER 135 37 dessert places all runways over 1,500 m in Europe. Which more than 500 airports. With 30 passengers on board the aircraft can fly stages over 3000 km (GENEVA LARNACA example).


  • The EMBRAER 145 of 49 seats can land on runways as short as that of Florence. With 37 passengers you can consider a flight between PARIS and ICELAND without difficulty.v

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