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PAN EUROPEENNE is a Business Aviation Company operating since 1977. As such, it is the second most experienced French Charter Company after DASSAULT Falcon Service.


A Charter Company is allowed to operate an air fleet as an owner (it is the case of PAN EUROPEENNE for its 5 business aircrafts) or as a leaseholder (it is often the case, and it is shown by a temporary leasing or management agreement). In both case, the Charter Company has a perfect knowledge of its “Business Aircraft” product. Most of them manage, fly and do the maintenance of their aircrafts. PAN EUROPEENNE maintains its 5 Business aircrafts directly into its own maintenance workshop which has a European agreement. Its experience in this field has allowed PAN EUROPEENNE to reach and deliver the highest possible service and skill level in Europe.


Agents or brokers are independent companies which do not have aircrafts of their own but are able to offer you those available on the market. They are different from Business Aviation Companies in that way they can propose the largest Business aircraft panel existing and available at the time being. However, these agents or brokers have no control on Business Aviation Companies maintenance and availability.


Once distinction is made, you just have to act methodically in order to obtain information and book the business aircraft your manager needs:












+33(0)4 79 54 42 68


PAN EUROPEENNE is always up to ensure you the best business aviation solution.

  • 5 aircrafts from 7 to 49 persons to answer your immediate request
  • 30 persons working in order to deliver the personalized service you are looking after
  • 365 days and H24
  • 700 destinations all over Europe and North Africa directly from your favourite airport
  • Did you know you can afford renting a jet and leaving anytime you wish in the night from Milan, London, Paris Le Bgt or Barcelona airports.

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